Sunday, 22 July 2012



Left: Topshop Lookbook 2012
Right: Elle France July 2012

I may have just found the boots and collared shirt of my dreams, I can picture wearing them both looking perfect together with a tight pair of black Cheap Monday jeans, ahhhhhh. I can imagine that I won't do shirt any justice because I do not take care of my clothes and it looks extremely fragile but none the less I would wear it until it's very end. I have been contemplating the Topshop boots for a while now however I keep saying no because of my spending addiction and more importantly the fact that I am NO GOOD in heels, despite these boots looking comfortable and easy to walk in. 

Anyway, for now I think both will stay in my wishlist along with many, many other items. Unfortunately even I cannot justify spending over $400 on two items, but I'm adamant I will them both one day.  

Please excuse any spelling mistakes or grammar errors, I am in a constant rush now that uni is back. 

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  1. love your blog! & i was wondering if you buy your cheap monday jeans online or if you know of any shops theyre sold in? i need a new pair but hate buying jeans online.